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Savour Your Taste Buds with Malaysia’s Best Puddings

We provide a variety of mouthwatering custard choices to please every taste range. Our custard range is made to perfection regardless of your taste for a traditional or something more unusual.

Tasteful and Easy Pudding Cups

Our Pudding Cups are the perfect option for individuals who like a quick and simple dessert. Perfect for on-the-go munching or a basic dessert at home are these handy cups. Every cup is loaded with a rich, creamy custard that, with each spoonful, should make you grin.

Beautiful Square Pudding Form

Our Square Shape Puddings are ideal for you either you want a more sophisticated dessert alternative or you want to wow visitors. These beautifully formed puddings are not only delicious but also a lovely accent to any dessert table. Their unusual form and great taste set them out on any occasion.

Fun and Easy Pudding Sticks

Using our Pudding Sticks will help your dessert experience be somewhat entertaining. Both young children and adults will find these lighthearted delicacies ideal. Pudding Sticks are a terrific way to have a sweet snack without the mess; they are easy to chew and burst of taste. For picnics, celebrations, or just a pleasant treat at home, they are a wonderful choice.

Regal Food Industries is committed to providing you with the best dessert and Pudding in Malaysia by means of our varied assortment of puddings. You are sure to have a great and filling experience whether your preferred Pudding Cups are simple, elegant Square Shape Puddings or exciting Pudding Sticks.